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Dickens Inn Bed & Breakfast [Mims]
Built circa 1860 at a cost of $33,000, which included the house, and 15,000 acres of Citrus Groves, the Dickens Inn was the "Original Manor House" of an active and thriving citrus plantation in Mims, Florida. We do have copies of the original deeds and Brevard Heritage Council lists the Inn as a historic building.Today, the Dickens Inn Bed & Breakfast, totally renovated to its original elegance, still sits amid luscious citrus trees bearing oranges and grapefruit which, in season, we serve as part of our oversized breakfast. The Inn boasts the original wood floors both up and down stairs. Our exquisite guestrooms offer a range of different types of accommodations to suit our guests varying needs and budgets. Our small size allows us to be casual and comfortable and to concentrate on the personal touch. We provide you with a pleasant place to relax and enjoy the ambiance and experience the "natural" Florida surroundings.



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